Brighton beach memoirs
by: Paula Alvarado :*

The great depression

  1. THE GREAT DEPRESSION DEEPENS: BANK RUNS AND THE HOOVER ADMINISTRATION.The American economy entered an ordinary recession during the summer of 1929, as consumer spending dropped and unsold goods began to pile up, slowing production.At the same time, stock prices continued to rise, and by the fall of that year had reached levels that could not be justified by anticipated future earnings.

colleges in the 1930's

In both the 1930s and the 1960s, university halls had a curfew of 10pm and you could get expelled if you were caught breaking the rule.
Shriver L. Cover is named to head the Industrial Arts program, effective August 1. California is only appropriated $5,500 to begin the Industrial Arts program.

stan's apology letter

Mr. stroheim I want to tell you anout my behavior that is not good am so sorry and how I am I know that my behavir is mot so good an am can be better.

I want to say that mi behavior is can change because I thing is not niche my behavior and is can be better and you are not can be mad whit me.

I thing that your mad about what I do but thing that am can change about my behavior and am can change because yo get mad with me and I dont like it.


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