Discovering Milwaukee

Kandace Custer

Haggerty Museum of Art

The Haggerty Museum of Art is found hidden on the Marquette University Campus. Before this class if anyone mentioned the words "art museum" my first thought was the Art Museum down by the lake front. I was not aware there were other art museums in Milwaukee. I was really impressed with the Haggerty Museum and all the art work in it.

The exhibit that I chose to review is the exhibit that I was really fascinated with. The exhibit is called "Perimeter". It is a photography exhibit that was put together by a photographer by the name of Kevin J. Miyazaki. Marquette University set up for him to take a trip around the perimeter of Lake Michigan and take pictures of the water and the people he met along the way. All of the people that he took photos of had some sort of connection to the lake.

I think the pictures he took really captured just how important Lake Michigan is to the people that live by it, play in it, or make a living on it. It is also showed the beauty of the Lake from many different places and perspectives and how important it is that the lake is preserved as well as possible. While doing the project he asked everyone a couple questions. What draws you to the lake? What concerns you most about the lake? The answers these people gave were inspiring and uplifting. The Haggerty Museum took some of the answers and put them in a book along with the picture of the person that said it. One answer that was very common was was that the lake is not being protected and taken care of well enough.

The part I loved most about the show was that there were so many different pictures of so many different people. No two people were the same and no two people or groups had the same story for why they loved the lake. When I was looking at the exhibit I could really feel the spirit of the people and their love for the lake that is so dear to them.

After seeing this show and visiting the Haggerty Museum of Art I have a new appreciation for the City of Milwaukee and the great lake that boarders Milwaukee's East side. After seeing the exhibit I took the time to really think about what I love about Lake Michigan and what came to mind is all my memories I have being down by the lake. I thought of charter fishing on the lake, Summerfest, Festa Italiana, and going down by the lake and spending the whole day waiting for the fireworks on the 3rd of July. I also remember the first time I took my son down to the beach and he had his first experience with the lake. It was so big to him and he would barely put his toes in the water but he had a great time and I know so many kids have a great time every year down by the lake.

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