atmosphere By: Christopher Ramirez

1. the atmosphere can be described as an ocean from space when astronauts go to the moon.

2. compared to the earth the atmosphere is very thick.

3. on an airplane you'll ears will pop because of the pressure as you go higher, there is less pressure when you go higher in the sky.

4. the greenhouse affect makes the earth warm ( you can find all the information on the picture below.)

5. the troposphere is the lowest and the thickest layer of the atmosphere. it's also where we live.

6. the atmosphere is pushing down on everything all the time (GRAVITY) alert enstine discovered gravity.

7. with proper equipment a person can jump out of an airplane and survive  basically his means that you can skydive.

8.  meso means middle so,the mesosphere is the middle of the atmosphere and it's where it has a meteor shower.

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