Water Bowl

Harley, the talking Collie

(Your Pet's Name)'s Stats

  • Breed: Collie, rough
  • Location: Hutchinson, MN
  • Age:  4
  • Favorite Treat: Hot Dogs
  • Favorite Toy: Any tug toy
  • Favorite Game: Jumping up on people

Harley is a beautiful blue merle-headed white rough Collie.  He is one of my therapy dogs.  Harley tends to talk the whole time he is doing therapy work . . .go figure.  I guess he's trying to tell people that Timmy fell down the well.  Unfortunately, no one seems to care.  Harley is an incredibly beautiful, loving and sweet collie.  The collie breed is so well-known for loving people and loving attention.  That's why Harley makes such a great therapy dog--he can't get enough of people petting and hugging him!

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