Atmosphere-By: Karla Orona

Fact #1- Weather occurs in the layer we live in, the Troposphere it gets colder as we go higher.

Fact #2- The ozone layer is found in the second layer of the Atmosphere the Stratosphere it protects us from the sun, it starts cold then gets warmer.

Fact #3- The Mesosphere gets colder and it protects us from meteors

Fact #4- The last layer of the atmosphere is the hottest layer closest to the sun,the Thermosphere, the Northern lights and the Auroras happen here there is less pressure here.

Fact #5- The past century greenhouse gases and other air pollutants are being released into the atmosphere it has been causing big changes like global warming ,ozone holes and acid rain.

Fact #6- The atmosphere protects us from the sun the sun so we wont burn or at night so we don't freeze

Fact #7- Gravity hold the atmosphere close to earth,it divides into layers according to differences in temperature.

Fact #8- The mixtures of gases in the Atmosphere has taken over 4.5 billion years to evolve.

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