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                        The Telegraph!

This invention is called the telegraph. What is the telegraph some may say? Well, the telegraph is a way to send messages to maybe communities or other people.

            The Birth of The Telegraph

The birth of this device was between the years of 1830-1840, which was invented by Samuel Morse. This device was invented to reach people in emergancys, or to just communicate when these people weren't there with them.


"A system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire, especially one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection." Basically the telegraph is an invention that someone can communicate to another person through different clicking sequences. The purpose of the telegraph was to be able to contact the public in many different situations, a big example is on ships, when they sent out emergency distress signals.

           Positive and Negative Effects

The positive effects the telegraph had on the public of the citizens of the United States was huge! It was revolutionary, it allowed people to talk about anything they wanted, wars, how they have been doing, anything! Sending letters took days, even weeks while telegraphing the public could allow you to contact in a click of a few buttons. This system also allowed people from different continents to contact each other in a click of a few buttons. A possible negative effect it had on the public was that when they first came out, it wasn't the most convenient. Not everybody owned one.

Samuel Morse

                     How Does It Work?

When using the telegraph, the way it works is you type in your letters or numbers you want to send to the other side of the telegraph, and it travels through an electrical circuit. When it is traveling through the electrical circuit, it turns on the electrical current, which to complete the message, there must be preferably two wires to send and receive the electrical current. But if you have a strong wire, you can get along with only one. It will travel through one wire to its destination, and travel back the other when the person on the other end responds.

                         Today's Version

Today's version of the telegraph is thought to be the texting feature inside the phone. Texting allows you to contact people across the word lust like the telegraph. Except now it is a bit more advanced, using towers instead of long wires.

               The Impact of Technology

During the 1850's the United States was petitioning and protesting between the north and the south over slavery. The north let their slaves go while the south held on to them. While at war with each other, the telegraph came in handy because their commanders could give their soldiers orders while using the telegraph without giving away orders or getting shot. This changed the way of war forever.

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