Eleanor Roosevelt

Ariah little

You might just think of her as the lady ho phased her fears but that's just not it,the one and only Eleanor Roosevelt phased her fears buy doing something she never wanted to do,here is how it all started...

Childhood/Early Life

From the beginning the baby was a disappointment,but her father called her a angel from heaven .Eleanor was born in New York Oct.11,1884.Even though she was a very ugly child.


When Eleanor was two in a have she sailed from Europe on T.S.S Britannic.The ship crashed and Eleanor fell in to her fathers arms.Ever sens she is scared of the ocean and hights


after a wile Eleanor's mother had two boys and died of diphtheria when Eleanor was eight.Eleanor had to move with her grandmother.A couple of years passed and her grandmother told her she had to go to boarding school.Eleanor felt vary upset right after she had herd but she made up her mind and went to boarding school.She made allot of new friends who supported her.So she phased her fears.

Why shes famos

After a wile Eleanor became the first lady just because she phased her fears.

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