Soviet Union & Joseph Stolin

Samantha Norris & Jordan Simmons

Joseph Stalin
* Joseph Stalin was born on December 18, 1879, and died on March 5, 1953.
* Joseph lead Russia when Hitler launched operation Barbossa.
* He came from a poor family. His father was a cobbler, and his mother was a peasant.
* Stalin was appointed general secretary of the party's Central Committee in 1922.
* By the late 1920s, he was the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union.
* He remained general secretary until the post was abolished in 1952, concurrently serving as the Premier of the Soviet Union from 1941 onward.
*his mother wanted him to become a priest.
*he was enrolled into a church school.
*he left school in 1899
*he was unable to pay his school tuition.

Soviet Union
*the Soviet Union army was also called the "red army"
*the Soviet Union was an Allie during the war
*november 1939- march1940 they were in war with Finland.
*the Soviet Union made a deal with atolf hitler and hitler broke the deal.
*the Soviet Union was a socialist state on the Eurasian content that existed between 1922-1991
*among the bleshivik revolution Aries who took part in the Russian revolution of 1917 Stalin was appointed general secretary of the party's central committee in 1922.
*a desalination followed stalins death
*the Soviet Union was governed as a single party state by the communist party with Moscow as it's capital.
*in the beginning of ww2 the Soviet Union signed a non-agrees ion act with nazi germany
*this treaty was disagreed in 1941
*the nazi invaded the Soviet Union in 1941
*some people say he was asked to leave because of his political point of view.
*russian orthodox Christian
* Stalin set out to destroy the old party leadership.

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