Digital Citizenship
What is it & Where Does it Fit?

What is it?

Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students/technology users for a society full of technology. Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. ~

Where does it Fit?

No one denies the importance, but there just aren't enough minutes in the day. I suggest morning meeting, even if only once a month as a time to squeeze this in. It's a great time to show a quick Digital Citizenship Video & have a conversation. If this interests you, I have attached a Youtube Playlist with a few videos that you could use. I will add to it as time goes on. Please share any great videos that you may find with & I will add them to the Playlist.

If you are feeling more ambitious, I am available to help anyone explore incorporating Digital Citizenship into their Social Studies block.

Another great tool that can easily be utilised during morning meeting or brief moments of down-time is a Digital Citizenship Toolbox. The link below is the one I based mine off of, but there are many versions out there. When you first discuss the tools with your students, you will be amazed at the great correlations the students come up with that are completely different from what the designer originally intended. Once tools have been introduced, they can be taken out & referenced at any time as needed for reminders or to generate further discussion.

Feel free to borrow my toolbox to get started or  I can come & introduce it to your students.

For the little ones...