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The first thing I do every morning is check the Yahoo News.  I'll scan the front page and determine which Articles are News-worthy and open them in a new tab.  Unfortunately not all of them end up being worthy my time.  In fact, I'd say I probably get the end of 10% of the articles.  Here is a place where the most important news articles from Yahoo are summarized/readable.


After Pizza Hut came out with the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza last year I knew anything was possible.  I think a better name for this would have been the Inception Pizza as it is literally a pizza within a pizza. Obviously a 3 cheese crust would be amazing on it's own and obviously a Cheesy Chicken Sausage Crust would be equally amazing on it's own. But when you go ahead and put a pizza with a Chicken Sausage Crust within a 3 Cheese Crust that's just lunacy. The craziest part is that this is launching in Singapore and not Texas. 

Apparently Suzy Favor Hamilton, the most decorated women's track and field athlete ever and former Olympian, also worked as an escort in Las Vegas.  Obviously it was high end stuff, so it's not that big of a deal.  This gal is also in Nike and Oakley commercials and what not, soI guess it just acts a reminder of how insignificant women's sports are.

This is the stuff that flat out terrifies me. While Asia seems like a different world away, with new technology and what not, it's pretty easy to get there.  I've probably got a better chance in going to Asia rather than most of the local Country Clubs.  But seriously, in 1 year we found 126 new species in Southeast Asia?  WTF are the hiding over there?  How can scientist even confirm that Dinosaurs are extinct? They can't confirm, and I know for a fact that there is currently an army of T-Rex's being created in the Southeastern jungles of Asia.  I cannot confirm the intelligence level of these T-Rex's, but I know they're standard size T-Rex's and they're mean.  Although it's going to be tough to take the World Wildlife Fund seriously if they continue to use the acronym WWF.  Here are the 10 weirdest Animal Discoveries from 2012

  • A tulip with a Digestive System- was Mario a futuristic game predicting that animals will one day eat humans?  Maybe, or maybe you should have been a little nicer to the neighbors garden
  • A 200 million year old slug- Imagine being stuck in a cocoon for 200 million years and then you come out and you're still just a slug.  That would suck.
  • Cannibal Lemurs-I guess a Lemur is like a highly evolved mouse and I guess just recently they started eating each other.
  • A 750 million legged millipede- what type of intern had to sit there and count all those legs?  Person: What did you do this summer? Intern: Oh, I counted a 1 inch insects legs. Person: All summer?  Intern: Yes, it had 750 million legs.
  • Predator X- just a combination of T-Rex and whale to make you never want to swim again.  Apparently these have been extint for 150 million years and it took them that long to come up with a name.  I wouldn't be surprised though if they're harvesting these and trying to give them wings in Southeast Asia.
  • An 8 tentacled snake- How scary is it that snakes are evolving? What if eventually they learn to drive, that would be terrifying.  I hate snakes, but I hate tentacled snakes even more.  (Obviously these are found in SE Asia)
  • Fish with a Penis Head- based on the title I thought this was just a fish with a head shaped like a dong.  No, this is better then dong is attached to the fishes head.  This certainly would make Urinals obsolete.
  • Meet eating sponge- Suck it vegetarians.  Even sponges are smarter than you.
  • Zombie worms- worms that excrete acid to eat bone. Up until now worms were pretty useless and only good for fishing, it's nice to see them making strides.
  • Potty Mouth Turtle- turtles that can excrete urine from their mouths.  I guess Scientists think this is evolutionary and turtles are becoming more like fish.  What a terrible form of evolution.  Imagine the after-taste.

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