Course Reflection for Special Education Class

By: Ashton Wheeler                                                                         Wednesday 8:30-11:30

Holy Cow! 

Holy Cow, did this class go by super fast!! I feel like we just started this semester last week!!  I have for sure enjoyed this class!  This class I learned different Special Education needs that I have heard of or some needs that I didn't even know.  My favorite part about this class however, was observing in a Special Education classroom!

Did This Course Meet My Expectations?

This course did meet most of my expectations!  In our Letter of Expectations, I said that expected to learn techniques and more about different special need learners and I wanted to learn to become more patient for these learners and other kids as well as they are trying to learn.  I feel that I did learn some techniques or heard people say from experience how to best work with different kinds of special needs students.  However, in some cases, I feel that I didn't get a good enough idea on techniques or tips to teach these kinds of students.  All I can say now, is that I have become more patient with children and I just picture myself in their shoes and imagine what they are going through and that helps me calm down, and try to figure out a different way to explain a problem to these kids to make them remember.  Luckily for me, my brother has taught me a lot even before taking this class, so when I went into this class I already knew things that we talked about, or I learned things that made me reflect back on my brother.  My brother is so important to me and precious to me that I went into class knowing that one day if I wanted to be a Special Education teacher then I would be teaching kids just like him and I want the best teaching him.

Did I My Expecataions of Myself?

I believe that my achieved most of my expectations of this course!  Looking back at my letter of expectations, I said that I wanted to become more patient which I feel that I have become, just like I stated above and I said that I wanted to stay on top of all my work and do the best I can.  I felt that I did pretty well at meeting my expectations. I thought that in my lesson about intellectual, learning, and developmental disabilities, my group and I did pretty well at describing these to the class even though we talked a lot, but also we pushed them into making them feel as if they are in these students shoes when they are teaching students with these kinds of disabilities.  However, in our ILP, I thought we had a fun class party, but I feel that we could have done a lot better in this.  It was just with both of our work schedules and school schedules we couldn't meet and we had to Skype a lot late a night to get it done or meet on the off week around our schedules.  I was disappointed in our ILP, but we learn from our disappointments! 

How Did I Grow and What Did I Learn?

I felt that I grew as a person and grew with more understanding of what kids and people struggle with everyday.  I am so glad that I took this class to know that.  Before this class, I understood that people struggle and I felt bad for them, but now I know that I can feel bad, but know that they are still people and they are amazing no matter what disability they have.  God made us all different for a purpose and I think one of his purposes was to have these students with disabilities inspire others.  I know that I was inspired by these kids in my observations and by my brother every single day.  I learned many different disabilities that students face and that I may encounter while being a teacher.  I know now some ways to help them, try to find what they love and their strengths and build off of that.  I kept all my paper work in my special education folder so I can reflect back to them if I ever need to.  I also learned how to create an ILP for the first time.  I learned just by observing and asking the special education teacher questions, that the kids are awesome and that the teachers love their job!

What Will I Take With Me As A Future Teacher?

I will take all my paper work and lessons that the students taught me and store them in a special place.  I will use the techniques that I did learn or the friendship that I created with the special education teacher and have her help me with anything that I may need help with.  I will use the putting myself in their shoes so often while I am a teacher and try to understand what they are going through. 

What Did I Think About This Course?

This course was interesting I will have to say.  I loved having the students give their lessons about the different subjects they chose, however some of them I felt that I may have not learned anything and that I just went table to table.  I thought the students loved to talk a lot.... and I mean A LOT!!  I had a difficult time with that while I was giving my lesson and trying to learn a lesson that was getting presented to me.  I wish maybe I could have learned more about a special needs child or the ones that are most common in todays school.  A great way that this could have happened was maybe on our off week, you gave us one to two different topics of special needs disabilities and we had to research and take 10 bullets or so on each disability and turning it into you.  That way we are learning it, since our class time was crunched anyways on the week we did meet.  I am so glad that I was lucky that my first lesson was at the beginning of class and our ILP was in the middle of the semester, because I know some students weren't that lucky and I couldn't imagine trying to do both at one time!  Maybe we could try and find a way so that doesn't happen to students! Other than that, I enjoyed the people in my class and of course you too, Dr. G! 

What Would I Change About This Couse?

I honestly enjoyed this course! I think maybe if we found a way that students had both their assignments separated that way they are staying busy all semester and not putting off their assignment until middle of the semester like they would if both of their assignments were in the middle of the semester. Other than that, I really enjoyed this class! It went by so fast! I wish we could have gone on a trip to Heart Springs or another place where several disabilities are seen and observe together.  But I know that would be difficult getting permission for us all to go together and trying to go without throwing off the students! 

Thank you!!

Thank you, Dr. G! I really enjoyed this class as well!! I am sad for it to end and sad that it went by so fast!! Thank you for giving us comments to help critique our work and for staying after class to answer questions!!

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