When people are talking about success, it is possible to realize that most of them wish to accomplish “real”, and, in the same time, “extraordinary” goals. However, why and how do people separate dreams into achievable and not achievable? After failing, what keep those dreams alive in their lives? Definitely, it is a big issue.

Certainly, over time, several people believed in different connections between dreams and success. Take for example, the Medieval Period. The social relationships determined every single thing about success, dreams and types of things people were able to do or accomplish. The word “success” was usually restricted just for people on the top of the strict social pyramid. A servant, for example, probably dreamed to be a seigneur, however, inside of him/her, he/she knew that it would be virtually impossible since everyone knew their “social responsibilities.”

Going a little further in history, more specifically in the Modern Age, the human perception of the relation between dreams and success changed again. The Industrial Revolution, fighting social classes, and falling of the old regime promoted immutable and important changes in the society that passed to be more permissive in relation to social mobility and, consequently, almost everybody could dream and try to achieve their own dreams and be successful.

In the 21st Century, the “American Dream” makes everyone believe that it is completely possible to achieve whatever you want. Although hard work is not synonymous of success, many people guess it is the only way to get realizations that they want to, and, as a result of, they are absent in their homes, thus compromising the formation of their children as persons and citizens, and, consequently, can compromise their success.

The social human conception of success and being successful has changed over time. Dreams and/or things that were not allowed for some social classes in the past can be accomplish now by everyone because the current economic system allows it. Nowadays, therefore, the unique aspect capable to separate achievable from not achievable dreams are just ourselves. Though society imposes some barriers, any human beings are perfectly capable to chase their dreams and struggle to be successful. Now, you understand why life is always compared to a jungle.