Lisyana Crawford in core 4

Meditation- siting still, good posture, breathing, no thoughts

Mantra- AUM

Deep Breathing- breathing in through your no

The first activity we did was when we were in lotus position and we were deep breathing with our eyes closed and saying AUM and AH.The second activity we were doing was when we were laying on our back and Mr.Halcuff was reading us a story and we had to imagine it in our mind. The last thing we laying on our back and a lady was saying a wave was going down our body in a soft voice. It was really relaxing.

Before we started I was exciting to meditate. I was feeling relax during the meditation. I was thing about the garden, the beach, the red door, the lake, and waves in the ocean. I would want to do it again but not by myself because I would not be thinking of nothing I would be moving a lot and talking and making a lot of noise.

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