The campaign tells a story of a young man who's nameless and transports people or cargo from one place to another in his BMW. The objective of this video was to show how anything is possible and that good things happen because of BMWs.

They knew originally that 75% of people visited the BMW website previously, so the company tried a new way of reaching people. They used this "mesmerizing" video to share with people in an innovative and groundbreaking way.

In this campaign they use a well known celebrity, Madonna. Many people have role models and see famous people and want to be just like them. By using Madonna in BMWs ad it gets a hole new type of person interested.

These ads have had an impact on future campaigns greatly. It woke the industry up to what was possible and made everyone want to try and reach the same success.

This ad expresses the idea of how much technology has changed and become so apart of everyday life.

The BMW campaign was one of the best of the 21st Century because they are unique and exciting videoes that break the rules of traditional vehicle campaigns. They are making people remember BMW in the greatest way because of the short films!

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