Southeast Asia

Pagan Kingdom, Khmer Empire, Trading Kingdoms, Vietnam

Pagan Kingdom

This area of land is now known as Myanmar. They were known for rice farming because of the fertile land by the Irrawaddy River. Their first great king was Anawratha. Anawratha gained control of many lands, and supported Thervada Buddhism. They built many Buddhist temples and even became the center of Buddhism learning.

Thervada Buddhism became widely popular in the Pagan Dynasty.  Learn more about the Dynasty by clicking on the link below.

Khmer Empire

The Khmer Empire had strong Indian influences. They adopted both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Even the capital, Angkor, was shaped like the Hindu universe with a temple in the center of the capital. Angkor Wat are ruins which consisted of wall surroundings and temples. They could afford all this temple building due to the mass income of money coming from rice farming. To improve rice farming, they devised an irrigation system that covered millions of acres.

The picture above is Angkor Wat. To learn more about the dynasty look at the link and the video below.

Trading Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Sailendra relied on agriculture and trade. They adopted Mahayana Buddhism. Their most greatest achievement was the Buddhist monument at Borobudur. The Srivijaya Empire gained its wealth from overseas traders. They adopted Hinduism and Buddhism. Their capital, Palembang became the center of Buddhism

This is the Buddhist monument in Borobudur, which has nine terraced levels that symbolize the stages of the Buddhist spiritual journey.

This video does not include any information, but it shows you the art and architecture still in the trading empires of southeast Asia today.


Vietnam was strongly influenced by China. They gained many aspects of the Chinese civilization. Chinese rulers enforced them to adopt the Chinese language, clothing, and even hair styles. They adopted beliefs in Confucianism and Daoism as well as adopting features in the Chinese government. Vietnam embraced Mahatana Buddhism along with the art that came with it. Vietnamese also worshiped nature spirits. They would rebel sometimes against China. In 939, the Vietnamese established the independent kingdom of Dai Viet.

The Vietnamese would rebel to gain freedom from China. To learn more about Vietnam, click the link below or watch the video provided below.

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