The Elements and Principles of Design in Cinderella 2015

Listen while you go through

Color is used to create the elegance dress
Space is used to create the sense of depth in this scene
Form is used in the silhouette of the dress
The lines used in the stair case creates an elegant and calm feel to the ballroom
Point is used to bring attention to the tip of the fairy godmother's wand
Shape is used to emphasize the fact that it is a pumpkin
Texture is used to show that the slippers are made from glass
Value is used to show the difference between the original dress and the new dress
The use of contrast brings your eye to Ella in her bright dress copmared to the bland background
In this Cinderella product, they use economy to get the character across
The prince' s white suit emphasize his character and his importance
The use of butterflies through out Ella's costumes is random rhythm and creates movement
The use of symmetrical balance is used in the palace structure
This picture shows porportion as the mice are turned into horses and the features need to be porportional
Unity is used to give all the people in ball attire a similar but different look
The shoe has an angle in the heel so it can be a heel
The wagon wheels are circles, which allow the cart to move
The Cinderella MAC eye shadow is a rectangle to keep it compact
The prince's face is round because he is human
The stepsisters' hair has lots of volume to make it appear bigger

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