atmosphere:gaven aken

fact 1 gases

it is good that we have the atmosphere because it traps  are gases that let us breath like oxygen and nitrogen and other gases like we have 21% of oxygen and 78% of nitrogen and 1% of other gases.

fact 2 importances of each layer

1.troposphere is that all weather acers in this layer and has 90% mass.

2.stratosphere keeps radiation away and sun rays.

3.mesosphere protects us from meteors.

4.thermosphere it is the hottest layer and least pressure plus  are satellites are here

fact 3 how temperature changes

it beggens in the first layer the troposphere the more you start to go higher it gets colder then in the stratosphere it gets warmer and more as you go up it starts to get freezing in the mesosphere and more and more you go higher it get burning hot that it could kill you because it would turn you into ashes in the last layer  the thermosphere.

fact 4 pressure

pressure in are atmosphere changes on how high you go like it starts to decrease as you go higher and higher that kittingers glove when he jumped from the air balloon shuttle his glove was not strapped all the way and as he went higher his hand got bigger and nume that he could not feel it any more.

fact 5 green house effect

in are atmosphere we made greenhouses that help are world its called the greenhouse effect and it keeps the water from plants that make steam in the greenhouse to keep our world warmer .

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