Sharks by Luke and Nick

Megamouth Shark

The shark opining its mouth to catch its food.

This is a sharks habitat and its water to drink and it couldn't breath if its not in water.

Megamouth sharks have wide shiny mouths. Their floppy bodies are 17 feet and 5 meters long. They have smooth dark skin.

It has a large mouth to eat a lot of food.

A shark eating its food when its jumping out the water because the fish was at the top and the shark was at the bottom and saw it.

This is a shark completing its food chain.

This is a fish swimming and its always going be a sharks prey  and the sharks are always going eat meat.

This is where we got are research.file://localhost/Users/npe4042/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202014-04-23%20at%201.28.29%20PM.png.