Yes, you have to get to class, but that doesn't mean you have to run or shove other kids around!!!

Examples of BAD behavior in hallways...

Have you ever been walking to your class and then BOOM someone runs into you, causing all your stuff to go flying? Well, that's exactly what bad hallway behavior is. I know what you're thinking; But that's not all that bad, right? Uh, NO. Besides, that was only one example. Number 2: You LOVE your laptop, right? (If you don't have one, pretend you do.) Well, imagine that you're hurrying to class and somebody crashes into you. Your laptop goes tumbling to the ground and smashes on the floor. You'd probably be saying, NOOO!!!! Now, that's also an example of bad hallway behavior. I bet I'm starting to get you thinking. But, I'm still going to list one more. Pretend you are getting your things from your locker. The person next to you bumps your locker shut... With your stuff still in it! Glaring at the person who accidentally shut it, you say a word you probably shouldn't have said. Uh, oh. This time  represented bad hallway behavior. Lucky for you, you probably don't do that... or do you?

Examples of GOOD behavior in hallways...

Okay, we've gotten past the bad boys, and now for the positive ones. Your movie camera still rolling? (aka images in your head) Good. Cause now we're going to the water fountain. There's a long line just to get a sip, and passing period is almost up. But you HAVE to get a drink! Seeing your worried face, the person in front of you offers you to go ahead. Ahhh. Now you've gotten a gulp of fresh water, and to class on time. Wish you could have an experience like that, huh? Well, now's your chance to make that happen. Next example, coming right up! Now you're going to imagine that you are going through the halls, with and armload of stuff, and trying to balance it all. Someone comes up to you and offers to take some of your load and help you get it to class. What a relief! And a perfect example of good hallway behavior. Last but not least, picture yourself fiddling with your locker's lock, trying over and over again to get it open. you feel tears coming when somebody taps you on the shoulder, asking if they could help. Soon, you have your locker open, and a smile on your face. Talk about kindness, and don't forget about good hallway behavior. Another good hallway deed well done!

Time to sum this up :)

Few! We finally finished. At least, we have here. Hopefully, you can continue convincing people that hallway behavior isn't only a good thing to do, but it makes other people happy, and it's also is just so much more. Make your school a better place. Keep injuries from happening. Don't create silly arguments. You can make crazy hallways a safe and happy place. Remember, you can create awesome hallway behavior now!

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