Come to Mesopotamia

The adventure of you life.

     Mesopotamia is an awesome place to go and maybe you can get a house by the rivers. We also have a stable food supply too. You won't be hungry in Mesopotamia because you can grow crops so you will have a stable food supply. You will also have fresh water because you will be living by two rivers.

      We also have a great social structure like farming a great job and etc. Did you know we made the wheel that's is a part of are technology. It was first made so logs and than wood.

        We have lots of different types of Arts. Some with clay tablets and the would do the Writing/Culture on them. We also write different/ the same laughs. We also describe the things that happen in really day life.

We also have are Government. We also use to have and Empire that ruled Mesopotamia. Are Ziggurat is still standing today. You can look around are museum and so old artifacts. And are Civilization are good you can get some comfortable cabins.  

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