Civil War

Bradly Bowman

Day One 1862 December 26

Hi my name is Bradley Bowman for who ever finds this journal I was a slave in Kentucky I was brought from my home land Africa when I was only 3 with my Mom Dad and two younger brothers one of them died on the boat we just threw them off the ship. When we got to the new world I was immediately sold with my brother. Life as a slave was so bad we didn't get enough food or water a lot of us died from hunger and thirst I escaped I made it to Illinois with three other slaves . When I was a free man I married someone named Elizabeth Maria we have three children and then I enlisted in the Union army I am being treated very bad almost like dirt the were afraid of giving me a weapon. The food was almost the same when I was a slave. I was barely trained I taught my self how to clean my rifle. No would even give me a proper burial if I died in the battlefield.

Hey Possum were gonna be fit as a fiddle at the end of this march

Yeah, let me show you my jar of goobers and i show you my quick step in the tent

Im running out of hornets for my pepper box

Im pretty hungry i’m might go grab a root

Yeah, those fresh fish must be haten this war.

Some of these guys are skunks, I wonder if they recognize some of these jailbirds

We’ve been through the mill a lot today

Yeah, General Grant really whipped us today, My jar of quick step almost fell out of my bag

Im running out of greenbacks, I might ask my family for some more greenbacks while i’m sending them letter ima ask for more hornets for my pepperbox, Yeah my family sure does love my pepperbox, My mom has a pepperbox, my dad has a pepperbox, my dog has a pepperbox, my cow has a pepperbox, I have a pepperbox. Ima just go to bed now………. with my pepperbox.

Me too but with my jar of quick step...

These fresh fish have been slowing this march down

Day 37 my dear mother camp has been jut awful and i doesn't help that I was a slave but all we do is drill drill and drill I have not found a single piece of action yet I had to do 60 push ups for not having 6 buttons shining at its best.

Here is a picture of my uniform

1) Jeremiah, chose to go to the army what made make that choose?

2)I was making the choice of going to the army

3)Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I would give my mom money so she  can get the proper medication

4)Jeremiah how could you change the outcome of your capture?

I could of been better possum in the war

Break feast is pretty good we have coffee and OJ with this oat stuff its really dry but hay its food

The war begun in 1861 as were marching down to Georgia to Georgia we are fighting for are freedom hurrah hurrah

we are all good possums so lets win win win right now so lets beat so Johnny Rebs right now hurrah hurrah

muskets at the ready at the ready and lets win let's win. Lets beat those gray coats so the slaves are free well that's just bully!

lets earn are greenbacks at this battle right now hurrah hurrah.

Lets go down in history hurrrrrah

So far I have been border than a raccoon  stuck underneath a house to keep myself entertained my self by throwing rock at huts water rocks and trees so now I can hit a bug four  meter away or by cleaning my gun I also cook a lot of the food.

My favorite food is hardtack because they are pretty  Thick and filling.

The treatments for battle wounds are terrible after is was hit in the back with a rock I was sent to a floating hospital I saw men pleading for more food water and brandy they drank anything they got their hands on. Most of the time you got amputated if you were shot or other injuries. A lot of these people don't know what half of these diseases are. Illness treatment was not much better they just put their dirty finger on are chest and if we were not floored we passed as fit as a fiddle. Insects like lice mosquitoes lice swarmed are camp and that's not making it easy for the doctors.  

Last Day, Dear wifey this war was a terrible thing most of these men in my regiment are died physically and mentally half of these men are crazy. I mean how are they going to be in the normal world.  Their wives and kids must all be shocked when they come back most of the woman have been treating their man with disrespect and they been cheating on them with other man hopefully you did not cheat on me I wish to see your face quite fast.






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