How to Fill Out a Job Application

Bath Regional Career and Technical Center
Spring 2014
Ms. Dittmann

Welcome to Applied Academics for "How to Fill Put a Job Application."

Job Applications

Make a good first impression by dressing appropriately when you go to pick up the application.  Bring a copy of your resume and a standard application if you intend to fill out the application on site.  

You may need the following information for the application: e-mail address, social security number (if you prefer not to give it out, you can write "Will provide upon hiring"), names, address and phone numbers of places you have worked, dates you worked at each job, names of former supervisors, names and locations of school attended, drivers license number.

Make a copy of the blank application and use one for a rough draft and one for a final draft.  This way you can be sure to write neatly and make your final copy look great.  Make a copy of your completed application and keep it for future reference.

Be accurate when filling out the job application. An error might make you ineligible for a job if the employer does a background check to verify your information and finds that information is incorrect.

Read the entire application before you begin and follow the directions.  Be sure to put information in the correct location.

Never lie on your application or misrepresent yourself. If you don't want to discuss something on your application, write "will discuss in interview" on the application.

Do not leave blanks.  Answer each space or question specifically and completely,  if you have no response for a question, write N/A for not applicable.

Fill out a sample application here:

- Keep this handy when filling out future job applications.

Use action verbs when describing your skills and responsibilities.


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