What does a house reflect?

  • 1. Taste, certainly. What you like and don’t, what you want to live with and can’t. Lately, interior design in Singapore, especially in many Singapore homes,exhibits trendy styles. The caveat is that, most of the finished products seem soulless. That’s what interior designers set out to fix.
  • 2. Culture. Who you are depends a lot on the culture you believe in, you grew up in. Belief systems—religious, ethical, moral—all play a part in shaping who you are in the world. For that, a local designer, an interior designer Singapore-based or trained, is a wise choice. Hiring someone who understands your culture ensures you get a home that’s right for you.
  • 3. Personality. Do you like color, vibrant hues and magnificent reds in your rooms? Or prefer portraits over white walls? Posters over paintings? Representational art over abstract? Playful? Or soothing? Do you like metal or wood? Your inherent preferences, your personality—are you loud, shy, an introvert or the life of the party—should be evident in your domestic space.
  • 4. Comfort. What kind of room relaxes you? This is your home, where you try to leave the worries and stress of the world at the door. Whether it’s with a cluttered living room or a very organized kitchen, your home doesn’t really need to follow the interior design in Singapore homes that you see on TV. It just has to be your own, the one you feel most comfortable with.
  • 5. Ease. They say madness has its own logic. That could go for the clutter in your home as well. However, remember that too many things around—too many knick-knacks and brick-a-bracks—could get in your way. Make sure your interiors—that table or chair or tall vase—isn’t blocking the flow of your space.
  • 6. Passion. Do you like books? Sculptures? Plants? Make space for them in your home and your life. Learn how to integrate these things into your home. Teach yourself how to live with what you love.

In the end, whether you prefer a modern contemporary style or an industrial one, whether you like kitsch in your home or a minimalist approach in arranging everything you have in your space, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom must all share one quality, one characteristic: these spaces should all reflect you, all shades and sides of you.

6 Qualities Your Home Should Reflect