1984 vs Reality

There are a lot of similarities between the worl of 1984 and our society not only related with politics, but also things of our everyday life.

1. Blind by our society

Mr Parson is simple man whom Winston despises for his unquestioning acceptance of everything the Party tells him. Parsons is active in his community groups, and appears to truly believe Party claims and doctrine.
We are identified by this character because most of the time we get influenced by superficial things of our society such as clothes, fashion, woman stereotypes, etc. and, without noticing, it perjudice us. We can compare this with 1984's society because they are used to follow The Party without questioning anything they say.

2. Big Brother

Big Brothers is one of the most important characters on this novel. He is the authority, everyone obeys him because they don't have another option. Also he is the one who prevent them to do certain actions and being free to do what they want, he is the boss and the responsible of all the events that happen during the novel.  

We found this same atitudes on Videla's gobernment (1976), a dictatorship, where people's rights were taken away and they feel the same way as the citizens on 1984.  During this period we can see the violence that the gobernment used, also reflected on this novel.

3. Religion's limitations

In 1984 people were privated of certain things such as having sex, make friends, express what they think, have feelings, talk about certain things, etc.

We find this limitations similar to the ones that are imposed by religions, where they have to follow some rules to please their God. One clear example of this is the problem between Catholic Church and homosexual's marriage, divorce, abortion, etc

4. Clothes and Social clases

Another thing we can compare is how in 1984, clothes are  really important to make contrast between the diferent social classes. The Party were used to dress in a special way that diference  them from the members of the Prole, that can be associeted with our society, in which low clases wear a particular  type of cloth that is extremely diferent to the one that high and middle class wear.

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