My Civil War Journal

John Fredrick

John Fredrik

Journal Entry #1

I am John Fredrick a Union soldier. I live in Missouri and work for my dads wood mill company. I have much  experience with weapons and battle strategies. I fought in many battles like Gettysburg and bull run.  I was fighting on the front line.  At bull run I was shot and my finger was completely taken off.  I was I private I also have a wife and  3 children. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!! #civilwar


Journal Entry #2

General Lindquist: Hey you I'm a cut you open with a arkansas toothpick you fresh fish graybacks.

MR: least I’m still in my trousers and not swim in my handy dandy booties you good for nothing top rail blue bunny.

General Lindquist: I'm not gonna take it you coward you run when you hear the first hornet buzz over your head.

MR: I will slap you silly you little blue bunny. You think your so cool with your whiskers and big feet you jailbird.

General Lindquist: My men have fought brave and you gonna try kill me with those silly pepperboxes you gonna go home and your mommy is gonna be ashamed of you.

MR: You and you untrained army from the filthy part of North america you dirt bag. Put your hands up sister. BOOOOOM

General: AHHHHHH you got me.

MR: I winner

MR: me

General Lindquist: Lindquist


Journal Entry #3

Dear my Lovely Wife,

    I travel the Eastern part of America look at the men and women that have fought and died for our country.  I yet to know when I am coming home.  I have experienced men ding next to me and listening to gun fire night and day.  I wish I could come home now. Tell our children I will always be with them and you. I love to the end of Earth, ohhhhh I wish I could come home. The camps that I sleep in are terrible, The food isn't good, the water has parasites, and the weather is hot and rainy.  We wake up early in the morning and go to sleep late at night. Every day we wake up eat if there is enough food and the rest of the day is planning and fighting this has been the same for as long as I was here.  If we do something wrong we get wiped back into shape and learn from your and each others mistakes.

Love John

P.S. Can't wait to be with you soon


Journal Entry #4

At a farmers house taking food for our army #smoke_corn

1. I went to fight will other people that wanted to stop slavery and have one government.

2. I was happy that I didn't go out east because I would have been captured.  I am also happy to see my family again.

3. I think that fighting in a major war was different.  Dodging booklets and camping out, it is harder than it looks.

4. After fighting it was nice to see my mom again as well as my other family.


Journal Entry #5

Risen up from the trench

Served my country and took a chance

I travel a distance

Back on the field

Just a man and his gun

So many times being shot at

It changed my thinking of war

Don't loose yourself

You must reload...

Its the eye of the soldier.

Rising for a change

An the last survivor takes it all

He is working his way to the end

Its the eye of the soldier.

The sound of the rifle


Journal Entry #6

Dear  Mom,

The food that I eat is terrible, meat and worn filled hardtack. The battles are endless and I am always hungry.  I wish I could have some of your great food that you cook.  Hope to see you soon mom I wish I could come home,


My friends and I at camp playing a game of poker so far I won $50


Journal Entry #7

          The ill and sick that come through the camps that I say at are outrageous. Life here is hard, you either die of sickness or in a battle, that's what it seems like. Some of the diseases are pink eye and diarrhea.  So many new diseases that come and take the lives of many. More men die of sickness than killed in the field.  I hope I don't get sick of disease, I still want to severe my country.  The camps and men are filthy. Digging holes next to tents so you can do you thing there. Soldiers will go weeks before taking a bath and the army recommends to take a bath every 3-4 days.  I can't wait until the war is over and there are no more diseases.

My fellow soldiers playing a card game, so far I am hitting it rich.



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