The exhaustive Feltron Report

Wow. Looking at the Feltron report is a little bit overwhelming. It is crazy to think that someone recorded so much of their lives for one year much less eight years.

I chose to compare the food aspect of his report from 2 different years 2006 and 2008 to see how they compare. In 2006, Feltron doesn't mention how often he ate out but he does mention that he ate by himself almost as often as he ate with others and names the 5 restaurants he ate out at most often.  In 2008 Feltron adds more numbers to his dining experiences. He only had 17 meals cooked at home that year but had 140 dining out with company. I think this was interesting because I know I certainly eat more meals at home in a year than 17.

I think that if I were to do a similar report on my life, I would also chose to report on my eating habits. However I think I would choose to describe the different types of food I ate, chicken versus beef, how often I ate green beans, that type of thing. I think this would be interesting information to look at especially when spread a out over a year such as at what time of the year do I consume the most soups, and when do I eat the most frozen foods (Popsicles, ice cream, and snow cones).