Created By: Robin Bonatesta & Haley Underwood

Welcome to {CatInABlackHole.com}

Have you ever wanted to take a break from your work and just browse pointless websites without wasting too much time? Well, good news folks! Now you can do exactly this at www.catinablackhole.com.




1. Use E-mail
2. Working on adding Facebook at a later date.


1. Time given on website ranges from 10-30 minutes.
2. Random selection of time ---> "Game of luck"

+Random Websites:

1. Found random websites to use and compiled them into our data.
2. 50+ random websites

+Your Time Is Up!

1. Once the timer runs out of time, you will be taken out of the website.
2. The website will forbid you from returning until your 24 hour wait is up.


+Check Out The Finished Product!

Once our website is 100% functioning and responsive, click this button to check it out!