Persuasive Essay

Rebecca Haylett

Do you wish the world was peaceful, and there was no evil at all? Many bad things happen in the world to many people, especially the good people. Some are from natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, earthquake's, etc. that we have no control over; or some are from people who choose to hurt others. The world needs good people to help those who fall. I believe that the world needs good people because they help others and make the world better.

People who are good help others. They can donate money to find cures for the sick like cancer, any diseases etc., give the homeless food and some shelter or blankets to keep warm, or even  volunteer at organizations. You don't have to do all of this exactly, but at least something to help those in need. Lift people up when they have no hope, give people a little push on their feet.

They find away to make things easier for us, to make the world better for us. Creating technology like computers, phones, cars, games. They created technology so we can communicate with each other easily. Maybe making the earth greener, and again volunteering at organizations for example senior centers, adoption places, food drive, etc. Good people will do anything to try to make life a little easier for us. They try to make it easier and to help them with that we could all pitch in as well.

However, even if we did have a lot of good people it wouldn't make a difference. Just because there are good people who keep us safe, makes things easier for us and help each other out doesn't mean you should leave your door unlocked at night. You shouldn't give strangers your phone number give people your pin number and passwords. Use your common since and don't be an ingenerate person. Lock your doors at night.

The world does need a lot of people who are good. Just use your common sense; even though there are good people in this world we live in, were there  is good there's evil.   We need people to help, to be a role model, people to help make others become very good people. We need to try to make the world a better place for those in the future generations after us. It starts with us... do you want to be a good person and help others? Start to doing something today, help a student out with a problem, help pick up the cafeteria, etc. We can try to have a little peace in this world.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Ana Nevarez for a position with your organization. I've known her since she moved here this year which was January, 12th, 2015. She will be an excellent Therapist in you organization.

She is very social and is a very good listener. She will listen to anything you tell her. She is very well organized makes sure the job gets done. None of her work is half done and she makes sure that her work is outside the box.

Ana is very responsible, caring, polite, and humble. One of her skill is helping others, it's just something that she loves to do which is helping others; she told me should would help special education kids.  She would be an excellent Therapist at your organization.


Rebecca M. Haylett

Cover Letter / Letter of Intent

Haylett, Rebecca Marie

2412 Playa Point

El, Paso TX. 79938

May 21st, 2015

Hamilton, Brena Renee, Band Director

Fine Arts Department.

1225 Indiana Ave.

Mason City, IA 50401

Dear Brena R. Hamilton,

I have my Associates and Bachelors degrees, I am working on my masters. I am that kind of person that says, " Lets do it, lets go." I think outside the box and I am a very hard worker. I never quit, or do my job half done, I make sure it's done and as perfect as I can get it to be. Plus every year I would like to add more challenges.

I've played flute for 8 years so I am most skilled at the flute. I am applying to be the head band director of  Jefferson High band. I promise I will make the band improve and move further every year in order for us to succeed.

Thank you for the consideration. Thank you.


-Rebecca Haylett


Rebecca Haylett


2412 Playa Point


Objective: My goal is to be a singer. I want people to relate to my music, and not feel like they are the only ones. If I don't become a singer then I will become a music teacher, preferably band. I will become a band teacher to teach those who are interested and love music the way I do and who want to learn more.


Pinello Elementary, Colorado Springs : 3 years                     age: 5-7

Crosby Park Elementary, Lawton Oklahoma: 1/2 year        age: 7-8

Jefferson Elementary, Mason City Iowa: 2 years                  age: 8-9

Lincoln Intermediate, Mason City Iowa: 2 years                  age:9-11

Sun Ridge Middle School, El Paso Texas: 3 years                age:11-14

El Dorado 9th grade Center (ED9) El Paso Texas: 1 year  age: 15-

      All my accomplishments through my school years : Lead in school plays, audition for Oklahoma City Parade, Honor Choir, Jazz Choir, Band, Marathons, NJHS, Mentoring.

Experience: I worked at Texas Road House as a waitress from January 8th, 2016 to March 15th, 2022.

Skills: Singing, Playing the Flute, Databases, Excel, Photoshop, and Word


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