Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse (RN)

Reports To

For a registered nurse the nurse would report to the doctor/surgeon. They would report to them if they need to know what medicine the patient needs  or if something happened they would have to tell them.

Job Purpose

The purpose of a registered nurse is to help patients. The reason why they have nurses is because the doctor can not take care of the patient after surgery because he has other patients to operate on so the nurse


The duties of a registered nurse is to help, monitor, and track the patients health and injuries. They might do this after surgery or before. They also might do that if someone comes into the hospital with something wrong.


  • Education: The education that registered nurse needs rages from a diploma to a bachelor degree
  • Technology: The technology a registered nurse uses are computers, monitors, intravenous devices, and medication administration. Those are only a few pieces of technology used by a registered nurse.
  • Abilities: A registered nurse need to be able to work with patients and help the patient with whatever they need. They also need to know how and what medicine to give the patient.


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