5 Tips on How To Explode Your Blog Traffic

Let’s say you have a blog where you write terrific material. The sad part though is that no one reads what you are writing: this directly results from the absence of blog optimization. If you have not learned yet how to optimize your blog, the time to learn is now.

Maybe you are a person who can change lives through your words and sharing your personal insights, epiphanies, and wisdom. In spite of this fact, if you don’t make sure that your blog is discoverable on the Google search pages, then your work will be for naught. Here are tips you can use to increase your blog traffic exponentially.

#1 Write well and write often

The first thing you have to consider when starting to build your blog’s audience is the need to update your blog with useful content periodically. Your readers will stay loyal to your blog only if you make sure you have something meaningful to tell them and you tell them often.

Another alternative for coming up with engaging content is to get influencers to write for you. You can allow for guest bloggers to share their knowledge, or you can conduct interviews with people who are both influential and share an interest in the niche you write about on your blog. When you guest blog, you will benefit in several ways. Not only will your readers find your content diverse and engaging, but you will also gain views from the fans of the influencers who are writing for you.

#2: Repurpose your existing content

You should not let old articles fade into black and just disappear into the abyss of lost content on the Internet. You can still gain traffic through them, by turning them into other forms of media like:

  • A podcast: Reading your post aloud, record your voice and upload to iTunes or use a service like BlogTalk Radio and make your content and information a weekly or monthly audio offering.
  • A screencast/video presentation: Doing something on-screen and recording it, then adding a voiceover and finally uploading to YouTube.
  • A slide presentation: Your post becomes a slide show and you upload it to SlideShare, much like one made with a Microsoft PowerPoint application.
  • An eBook: Take some posts and turn them into an eBook in PDF file format that you can give to followers of your Twitter feed or you can give to subscribers of your email newsletter campaign. Your readers will love freebies.
  • #3 Enhance your posts with multimedia

    Images are not only for making your posts visually captivating, but they can be a great advantage when it comes to people finding you on Google search, as they use the image search options offered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. If you rename your images with carefully selected SEO keywords, you’ll be more likely to receive a huge traffic boost. Traffic also comes when hosting or taking part in a webinar. You can create an infographic or Pinterest graphics and then share them with people.

    #4 Be social

    Create Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+ pages for your blog. Use them to communicate with your readers and tell them every time you publish something new on your blog. Join a collaborative Pinterest board and make sure your blog is in the description of your profile. Then start pinning! Befriend other blogs by commenting, retweeting their useful information, shifting sidebar links and buttons, making a blogroll on your blog, because they may return the favor. Link your posts to StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit and don’t forget to reply to the comments you receive.

    #5 Make the best out of SEO strategies

    Go back to your old articles and put there links to your latest. Do the same with the latest. A keyword research tool will help you find the most accessed keywords in your niche. Use it! Use those keywords in your post title, subheadings and images’ name. Also, install an SEO plugin like All in One SEO Pack or the Yoast SEO plugin, because they help you optimize your site.

    Step out of the anonymity with all the five tips mentioned above. Sure, it takes a bit of work to establish a solid Internet presence, but if you want to be successful with your blog, your hard work will be worth it. Performing the above-mentioned tips daily will make you stand out of the crowd with an impressive blog: One that will gain the attention of loyal readers.

    About the Author: Vivien Smith is a writer, author, and successful blogger. She shares her blog knowledge through seminars. She is freelancer at the service offering write essays for money online.