This was taken in 1901 January 6th, when oil was found at Spindletop, Texas.

Texas oil project

The significance of spindletop and its importance to Texas history.

On Jan 6, 1901, we found oil at Spindletop. We didn't realize it but we were about to be the number oil supplier in the world. This discovery is important to Texas history because if gave our economy a lot of money to build schools, pave roads, and expand our cities. if it weren't for this discovery, who knows what Texas would be like today.

How did the discovery of oil in Texas affect our economy?

Oil was a good thing for a lot of city around the world. It was used to make many products, power building etc. Because of its many uses, many people around the world wanted it. Of course, they had to pay for it, so that mean that Texas is getting a lot of money, opening up many opportunities for Texas and the rest of the United States.

How did the discovery of oil affect the world?

It did good and bad things to our world. The good things it did was grow our economy, and open up opportunities for a lot of places around the world. The bad things about oil is it produces lots of pollution, and its a non renewable resource, meaning, its limited and we'll run out of it at some point. Back then, the fact that it was a non renewable resource didn't bother much people because they had an abundance of it and it wouldn't run out anytime soon, but now, its when people start to worry. Global warming is getting worse and worse, and the fact that most cars are powered by  gasoline and that a lot of power plants are powered by oil isn't helping that at all.

How the oil boom affected education in Texas?

People were buying our oil. A lot of people, so that means our economy is getting better and that gives us money to build schools in Texas. One of those University is the University Texas. We got the land to build the universities because people though it had no use and was dry and had no oil. before we started building the campus, we drilled for oil and there was nothing there.

What are some things made out of petroleum?

Some things made out of petroleum are tires, tennis rackets,paint brushes, soap, motor oil, gasoline, toothpaste, roofing, balloons, and ink.


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