1.-If i won the lottery, i'd go to visit spain.

2.-If i go to church, i will pray for me.

3.-if i go to the party, i don't dreank beer.

Zero Conditionals

4.-if you can't sleep, you should dreank a coffe.

5.-If i work too much, I get tired.

6.-If i have time, I usually go to the movies.

First Conditionals

7.-if it doesn't rain, i will go to the party.

8.- if you had hunger, you willgo to the polos tacos.

9.-if it rains, I will stay at home

10.-if I see Mary, I will tell her

Second Conditionals

11.-if i were you, I'd go to the doctor because of the flue.

12.- If i were in Brazil, I would go to Rio de Janeiro.

13.-If i were you, I would buy the car.

14.- If he were in the place, he wouldn't do this.

Third Conditionals

15.-If we had take a movie, we wouldn't have speaked.

16.-If i had seen him, I would have told him about you.

17.-If she had come on saturday, I would have seen.

18.-If i had know the answer, I would have raised my hand.

Mixed Conditionals

19.-If I had won the lottery, I would be rich.

20.-If I had taken French in high school, I would have more job opportunities.

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