Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach - Starting a Business after College

Ryan Michael Kuhn studied Applied Economics and Business Management, both of which provide a solid foundation when it comes to starting a business. After college, Kuhn founded KTG Import and Export LLC, before becoming the manager of International Craft Beer Distributors LLC.

These days, it is more common to see students hanging up their cap and gown and diving right into entrepreneurism completely bypassing corporate America all together. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that more often than not recent graduates are unsure of how to navigate the entrepreneurial world and might experience frustration and burn out before they have even started. According to Entrepreneur.com, these are some steps you should consider taking before diving into your own business:

  • Try freelancing: This can be your foot in the door to becoming an entrepreneur and can be considered as the highest form of individual entrepreneurism.
  • Use technology to find your first paying job: The jobs won’t come to you must go out to get them. The online market is growing every hour of every day.
  • Find jobs that you love: As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to choose jobs that you will enjoy. The mundane repetition of a job you hate in the corporate world has no hold over you!
  • Transition from freelancer to business founder: As a freelancer, you could build your portfolio and reputation, which will help to make the next step towards starting your own company.

If considering the entrepreneurial lifestyle, try doing freelancing out of college, build your resume and work experience and once you have sufficient funds that can be fed into your business and maintain your lifestyle, go ahead and take the plunge!

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