James Talbert Takes Great Pride In Serving Broadsword Student Advantage, LLC

James Talbert is a dedicated business professional, who serves the prestigious position of Bu in Broadsword Student Advantage, LLC. He feels proud to serve a consultation service that has earned an enviable position in the industry within a short span of time. The company was set up by Kenneth Talbert a few years ago with the commitment to providing students an affordable way to make their federal student loan debt easier to manage. The company has gone from strength to strength since its founding, the credit for which goes to the sincere efforts of its founder Kenneth Talbert as well as several professionals appointed at various levels.

James Talbert too has played an important role in driving successful expansion of Broadsword Student Advantage, LLC. While serving the position of Bu, he efficiently oversees an array of tasks, ranging from the management of financial budgeting and cash flow, supervision of business strategies, to creating suitable payment plans, etc. Since his association with the company, he has garnered huge appreciation not only for his extensive financial knowledge, but also for his earnestness and professionalism.

James Talbert holds a terrific academic background and is highly skilled in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, and Access. He also holds a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in Finance from the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Other than professional commitments, what keeps him occupied in spare time is his interests, which include – martial arts, weight lifting, studying law, and many more. He is also very fond of travelling and makes sure to explore exotic destinations around the world, whenever possible.

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