Pop in the 70's and 2000's

by: Zach, Branson, Kyle, Matthew, Sam

Some pop artist in the 70's were ABBA and Elton John.  They sang songs like "Fernando" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".  The pop music in the 70's was very original and different for its time.

Some pop artist of the 2000's were Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera.  They sang songs like "Dirty" and "Adore You".  Then new pop music now is not original because newer technology allows the singers voices to be auto tuned. 

Both decades have catchy songs despite all the advances and differences between them.

We chose the picture of Vietnam because it was an important time during the 70's and it changed the way we look on war and could have had an impact on the pop music of the time.

We choose the collage picture because it shows all the famous stuff that has gone on in the years 2000 to now.  All of the little details in the picture have come into our lives some way or another and we have all used them.

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