Sea to shining sea
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10th The Farewell Address-Was a document from George Washington that disproved of starting political party's. Also the involvement of foreign affairs.   

9th Lewis and Clark 283

8th Missouri compromise

7th Oregon trial

6th the trail of tears

5th manifest destiny 364

4th the Alamo-

3rd the war of 1812- Was with the British and natives. British had burned down Washington D.C. and America started to lose hope.

2nd XYZ affair- The French demanded a bribe from America to talk with them. The three men where called X,Y,Z. Then later this was called the X,Y,Z affair.

1st the Louisiana purchase- The Louisiana purchase was a peace of land that was bought from France for 15 million dollars. This land was to help finance there war with America.

                           Time Line

1796 Washington Farewell Address- A document that stated what Presidents should not do.

1798 Alien and Sedition Act- This act allowed the President to imprison or deport alien/immigrants who posed a threat.

1800 Louisiana Purchase- Land bought by America from France to finance there war with America.

1812 The War of 1812- A war with British that ended in a stale mate.

1812 Missouri Compromise- Two different land segments that are given to the North and South. Missouri is given to the South, and Maine Is given to the North.

1836 Battle after the Alamo- Soldiers led by Sam Houste defeated Santa Anna troops after the Alamo and as they charged they shouted "remember the Alamo".

1840 The Curse of Tippecanoe- A curse that would kill the "Great White Presidents" or known as the President every 20 years.

1848 The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- It was signed in February ending the Mexican American War giving the U.S. land North of Rio  

                  Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States of America. He was a speaker for democracy and enforced the principles of republicanism and the rights of individuals with worldwide influence. He was an American Founding Father. He was one of the main writers of the Declaration of Independents. This document gave America its freedom from Great Britain and gave America its name the United States of America. This gave America its thirteen colonies and there freedom.

When the Louisiana territory was bought Thomas Jefferson sent out Lewis and Clark on an expedition to explore the new land. He had them take journals to take notes and make maps of the new land. Thomas Jefferson had doubled the United States within his Presidency. Doubling the United States is big for doing that in one presidency.

Thomas Jefferson was involved in a lot of politics. He served in the Continental congress, representing Virginia. Then served as the wartime Governor of Virginia. He then became the United States Minister of France. After that becoming the first United States Secretary of state serving under George Washington.

                 News Paper Article
                 The Trail of Tears  

The Government is moving all of the Native Americans out of our homes and moving us to an “Indian reservation” where we will be forced to live in Oklahoma and start a new life and rebuild our tribes. We will all have to start over with our lives when we already had a good one. We all will be forced to walk to Oklahoma with nothing more than what we can carry. The government is moving all of our tribes the Cherokees, Muscogee’s, Seminoles, Chickasaws, and the Choctaws.

And for what? There moving all of us for our land. We cannot even pick crops on our own land without being arrested. This is our land not theirs. We have our rights too. The American government does not get to make all the decisions.

If you are going to make us leave our land. Let us leave by ourselves. From now 1830 and into the future everyone will know what happened when they hear the name “The Trail of Tears”. They will know that thousands of Native Americans walked this trail to Indian reservations in Oklahoma.

                           John Adams  

John Adams was our second President of the United States of America. Earlier serving as our Nation’s first Vice President. He was also one of our great nation’s founding fathers. He served one term which is four years as President. He served from 1797-1901 as the President of the United States of America. John Adams was born October 30th 1735, and died July 4th 1826.

He was married with a wife and six children. His wife’s name was Abigail Adams, and his children where, John Quincy Adams, Abigail Adams Smith, Charles Adams, Thomas Boylston Adams, Susanna Adams, and Elizabeth Adams.

John Adams played a big part along with Thomas Jefferson in declaring the Declaration of Independents. If it was not for this brave man our nation today would not be what it is today. Our world is a better place because of this great man. We would not be free because of what this man has accomplished.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both helped write the Declaration of Independents which was on July 4th 1776. Both of these men died July 4th 1826. They both died on the greatest day this country has ever had.


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                     By The Numbers

1st- Tecumseh cursed every President within 20 years of each other.

2nd- George Washington became the United States first President in April 30th, 1789.

3rd- When England and France went into war in 1793 America wanted to remain natural.

4th- In 1803 America bought land called the Louisiana Purchase from France to Finance there war for 15 million dollars.

5th- In 1816 James Monroe was elected the United States 6th President.

6th- The Missouri Compromise was approved in 1820 to approve 2 new states.

7th- Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin in March 14, 1794.

8th- James K. Polk was our 11th President and elected in March 4, 1844.

9th- In 1835 Santa Anna defeated American troops in the Alamo.

10th- In 1848 the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaglo was signed, ending the Mexican American war.

                            The Map

The Organ Country was a place where most everyone wanted to go and live. With economic troubles in the East people wanted to get out and leave. Being promised fertile soil was a big deal to people that wanted to start over and have a new life. It gave people hope and belief that a chance for a new life was possible. Just by going West to Organ and farming to start a new life. This attracted hundreds and thousands of people wanting to start a new life.

President James K. Polk was our nation’s 11th President. He was one of the main supporters of the Manifest Destiny. Also he supported the movement to Organ country. So that the expansion to “Sea to shining sea” was achieved with people all around the United States. The trail that was taken to Organ country was named the “Organ Trail”.

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