How To Survive MC

First dig into a rock next use wood to craft stone items.This will allow you to get through things easier but find some iron. This will spice up your inventory and protect you better from uncommon mobs cool right?


Food is very important in MC start with simple stew first.Then make big food like CAKE! Yes they do have CAKE in MC so say happy birthday to you and refill your health points! This is essential because you can die on a empty food bar crazy huh its not creepy how MC knows every way you can die i'm currently nervous why they know.


Something really important in MC is shelter to survive MC. Start small like a cave but later you may be able to create mansions and houses. Be creative and you can build every thing;)


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MC life is brutal I can help if you like Games I can help you tell me your system and account or where to meet I will be there.


Beware of the one they call Herobrine. He will easily kill you and take all your items. apparently he is a glitch but he's NOT he's much more...


Maybe one day this will be your home but until then have fun!

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