Limited-Edition FollowMeToRio Silk Tie

Support our efforts to win Gold and get a Tie in return!

When sailing an elite-level Olympic Campaign everything costs money...a lot of money. Unlike a lot of other Nations, US Athletes are required to self-fund their campaign and so we are required to spend a lot of our time away from training to find unique ways to earn the trust of corporations to earn sponsorship money. Those sponsorships are few and far between...and the money does not cover all our expenses, so we had to reinvent the wheel to make ends meet.

What goes better with sailing than looking good in everything you do?  Nothing is the answer.  When David goes into a meeting with a corporation, he has to sport a look that is all business with a little attitude as he is talking about his training and so he commissioned the leading designer of mens neckwear to create a custom tie exclusively for the campaign.  

This 100% silk tie is of the highest quality and features the logo of Team FollowMeToRio! This tie looks great in the workplace and around the club, and it shows your love for all things nautical while telling everybody that you support young, energetic athletes putting their entire lives into achieving the ultimate in sport. Olympic Gold.

There are only a limited number of these ties available in the entire world and every dollar from the ties goes to support our training and our efforts to bring Olympic Sailing Gold home to the USA in 2016! Buy one one of these exclusive ties today and help us make it a reality!