Internet Safety
BY: Karly Hooper

5 Tips you Should Know

~ Don't Share personal information (Do not share your b-day, you age, name, grade, school, address, etc. People could find out a lot about you if you do.)

~ Don't go meet someone that you meet online (If you go meet someone online face-to-face, it could say that they were your age and a girl named Sandy but it could be a boy that is 56 that is named John. So never meet someone face-to-face that you meet online.)

~ Don't play any online games with people don't know (If you play a virtual game with a stranger they could ask you personal information and if you don't answer them they could be mean to you.)

~ Don't click on anything that you get from a stranger (If you do this it could start a virus on your computer be something bad.)

~ Tell a trusted adult if someone is being mean to you online (If you tell an adult they could try to stop it from happening.)

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