Would you like it if your child was born in a nation where 1/6 of the population of the kids are overweight? Super Size Me is written and produced by Morgan Spurlock. In the documentary itself Michael represents Americans in a specific way, in a way it portrays American individuals in a negative spotlight. Super Size Me have represented American society in a way that the world has seen, but more of an eye opener on what it's really like there in the U.S. As you may have guessed Michael Spurlock used the documentary Super Size Me to portray Americans as a fatty, lazy and irresponsible nation.

Now you're probably thinking how Americans are all those things.

People just assume Americans are fat and lazy but do they have proof for that? Or are they facts?
Super Size Me has really pointed out that Americans are lazy and fat in one documentary. An example of Americans being lazy and fat is the 14 year old girl who met her so called "influence" who lost all his weight by eating healthy and doing the right thing, after he had told her what to do she quoted " I can't afford that." This shows that Americans are too lazy to do something about their weight, making them fatter than any other nation in the world.

Americans are a very irresponsible nation as they let young kids get brain washed by the advertisements of big companies such as pizza hut, KFC and McDonald's.  These fast food outlets have corrupted kids minds saying if you eat this and that you will be "happy like us." This is shown in the opening scene of the documentary where the school kids are singing in the video below, which all shows that they are all grinning because all of them eat the fast foods listed in the song. Americas brainwashing system and parents are very irresponsible and have a lack of thought what to feed their own kids, next thing you know they're probably overweight due to the food they eat. Kids in Americas society today thinks that these foods are healthy because it's also sold in the school cafeterias and that is wrong.