Today's Meet

The Best Back Channel Service Ever!!!

What is it?

Today's Meet is an awesome back channeling website that can be used for students to discuss a topic virtually.  It allows students to talk to their teacher and respond directly while working on another activity.  Be sure to say hello behind the scenes today and we can have a Digital Days of Christmas Backchannel.  

For Students

Students are able to use it to post questions for others to answer and comment on.  It's like a quick and easy chatroom for classroom use.  They can use it to advance the conversation or bring up other points that other students haven't considered.  It works especially well for quiet students who don't like to speak up, but don't have any issue typing out their thoughts on any topic.  It's a good way for students to collaborate and discuss any classroom topic

For Teachers

It's a really great way to document how class discussions travel.  It's good for students to post questions and get answers immediately from teachers.  It keeps up a transcript of each discussion and teachers are able to moderate posts, meaning they can delete specific comments from specific students.  It's a really good tool for class discussion.

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