Principles and Elements
of Design

This picture shows the design principle of a point. The red point is where all the lines lead to.
The picture uses lines to create the picture.
The picture uses color by having the computer screen coming out like paint being splattered.
This shows value because the blue cup starts off as a light blue and ends up to a dark blue
The picture uses shapes to create the tiger in the picture.
Shows form because it uses 3D shapes to create the design
This is an example of space because the hole shows depth.
This is the use of texture because the tree stump looks rough and has the texture of a real tree
This is an example of emphasis because the green fish stands out from all the other ones
This shows balance because if you split the picture down the middle it would excatly the same on both sides
This shows contrast because on side is in black and white and the other is colored.
This shows rhythm because it uses the same shape throughout the whole picture
This is proportion because the dog is bigger than everything else in the picture
This shows unity because the stick men are all walking in the same direction and is using the design elements consistently
The picture shows economy because it uses nature to create the picture and it shows simplicity
The picture shows the circle because it is a rounded plane figure
The picture represents a cylinder because the can has two circles in parallel planes
The picture shows the title block in the bottem right hand corner.
the picture is the shape of a triangle because its a 3 sided polygon
this in an example of inscibed shapes because they are within each other but don't intersect.

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