20 Question Social Studies Review

Unit 1

1. What happened during the Renaissance in Europe?

New ideas and the new way of life were spread through Europe in different ways and during different time periods.

2. Who was very popular for his art and inventions during the Renaissance period?

Leonardo Da Vinci

3. Who did not support the ideas of the scientific revolution?

The Catholic church and many other religious members did not support the ideas because they thought they were against the belief that god created everything.

4. What was the Age of Exploration Fueled by?

It fueled a great deal of scientific research because of technology needed for navigation.

5. What might be a push factor of a country that people would want to leave?

  • Social
  • Political (goverment)
  • Economic
  • Evormental

Unit 2

1.  What is the recipe for revolution?

The Five A’s Necessary For A Revolution To Occur

  • At least two opposing sides
  • Access to weapons
  • Aims expressed in a slogan
  • Accomplished leaders
  • Ailments present socially, economically, and politically

2. What is the Industrial Revolution?

A massive change in the way people began to work and produce goods.