The College Experience

Christina Esser

University of Texas at Austin

Some important things to know about UT before you even think about applying to it are the learning environment, what the people are like, and some extracurricular activities that the campus offers. Because my older brother goes here, I have a pretty good insight of the student body, he has told me that most people are pretty friendly and open

Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, Texas which is about six hours away driving. My oldest brother loves the school, but he recommends staying away from people in the fraternities and sororities because they can be unfriendly. The average hire rate for EE's is 300%. That means every student gets at least three job offers.

University of Texas at San Antonio

Although it's not one of my first picks, through my research I have found that it's a pretty friendly and inviting learning environment. Brittany Kirkham told me that UTSA has a relatively high acceptance rate, but being as the school is currently in the process of becoming a tier 1 university those rates are going to decrease. There are a variety of majors to choose from ranging from sciences to humanities, which is good to know since I would like to do something in a science field.

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