Worst Logos

This is the Chicago Cubs logo but its bad because it looks more like an elephant than a cub. It's a bad portrayal of what should be a baseball team.

This is the Chicago Cubs logo. It looks more like an elephant in the middle than a cub. To me it doesn't represent the team accurately.

I guess this is a logo for a restaurant but the representation is so wrong. It does not represent a restaurant well at all. A picture of pizza would have been a better depiction than this monstrosity.

I'm guessing this is the name of a team. The dog makes the logo "kiddy." Teams usually want to have intimidating logo.

This is another horrible representation of a store. This could be interpreted wrong. More thought and time needed to be put into putting up the letters with the correct spacing.

This logo is so plain and unattractive. Red is such a basic color as well. A lot of logos are red already and the letters are just white so its not creative.

Best Logos

The Burberry logo is so refined and polished. To me it just reeks of elegance. the plaid in the background and the knight on the horse display security to me. This logo was very well put together.

The Coco Chanel brand has been around for a while. The story and the woman behind add so much more drama to the logo. The logo is simple but precise. It's world renown for the elegance is portrays and the products its on.

Louis Vuitton is so expensive. The logo just looks expensive. The way the letters interact is clever. Its eye catching, which therefore makes it a good logo.

The Porsche logo is a shield which is very common in Europe. The Porsche car brand logo is well put together because its different than the rest. In my opinion the logo was created with a great deal of thought. The logo has a lot of value to its name now.

The Coca-Cola brand is so well know. So many people have happy memories with this product. So for a lot of people when they see this logo it brings happiness. Its such a great representation of what Coca-Cola is.

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