Self-Reflection - Amanda Sargent

A brief summary of my career assessments

My key interest areas - ECA

My key interest areas include ECA.

Enterprising people are PERSUADERS. Personality traits You are probably enthusiastic, assertive, adventurous, and talkative. You like to start new projects and make decisions that affect others. You like to work with other people and often prefer to be in leadership positions. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy influencing, persuading, and performing. You are good at selling things, promoting ideas, and managing people. You might also enjoy starting your own business or running for political office.

Conventional people are ORGANIZERS. Personality traits You are respectful, orderly, persistent, and practical. You probably like working with numbers and are good at following instructions. You like working in structured situations with set goals and deadlines. Hobbies and career interests You are likely to be detail oriented and enjoy working with data. You are often good at following budgets, creating reports, and making surArtistic people are CREATORS. Personality traits You are probably intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative. You usually prefer to work in unstructured situations where you can use your creativity and come up with new ideas. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy performing or creating visual arts. You like go to museums or attend concerts or plays. You might enjoy fashion, creative writing, drawing, and creating new things in a variety of settingse that systems and projects work efficiently and effectively.

Careers I would consider include:


-Human Resources Advisor

-Human Services

My personality assessment concludes that I am extraverted, use intuition, feeling, and judging.

Extraverts enjoy social interaction, enjoy groups, communicate by talking, are outgoing and sociable, like variety and action, like being involved with people, learn by doing or discussing, do-think-do, expenditure of activity, and enjoy a wide circle of friends.

Intuitives enjoy focusing on possibilities, prefer abstract insights, focus on the big picture, see patterns and meaning, have their head-in-the-clouds, learn by leaping in everywhere, focus on the future, rely on inspiration and imagination, prefer to try new things, and value ingenuity.

Feelers prefer to sympathize with the problem, use subjective, are tender hearted,value harmony, are compassionate and accepting, are guided by personal values, are good at complimenting, prefer to be tactful, usually take things personally, and can be seem as overemotional.

Judgers value structure, tend to work now and play later, likes things settled and decided, prefer to have things organized, make lists and use them, value punctuality, prefer to have deadlines, like to complete projects, are goal-oriented, value order, like to follow time tables.

My skills assessment confirmed that I would be a great choice for a Social and Community Service Manager, and a Business Operations Manager.

My values assessment

My top five "always valued" traits to find in a job are independence, profit/gain, security, influence people, and general creativity.

My top five "often valued" traits to find in a job are challenging problems, job tranquility, work under pressure, general creativity, and a balance between work and lifestyle.

I want to work somewhere in the Psychology, Human Services, or Law area.

My mission is to be successful at whatever I decide to do.

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