The Evergone


                                                                              IT IS SINCERITY, NOT ANTAGONISM

                                                                    Flag Description

Blue: To represent the peace wanted by members

Black Swords: To represent determination to take down The Black Empire

Black Triangles On Both Sides: To represent the rivalry between The Evergone group and The Black Empire

Truth Behind The Constitution

Constitution of



The name of this rebellion will be the Evergone.

The name of this country will be the Black Empire.


The purpose of this country is to provide the best protection for our citizens and give them top living qualities, advanced education and a successful living environment to thrive above any other country. Our country teaches citizens to become leaders (academically, physically, emotionally and socially) at an early age to ensure the success of the Black Empire’s existence.


The purpose of this country is to provide conceal the citizens from any other country. Their total existence depends on making profit off of their people and make the most perfect country they can. When they say that it teaches the citizens to become leaders it is because their desire is to make people think that by following their rules, and doing what the Gargoyle says they will be successful as a union.


There is only one way to be considered a citizen; one must be born within the country. Each citizen must meet the required academic standards, follow the strict rules of the country, and give 100% effort in all of their tasks. The government requires every citizen to work for the government and promote the Black Empire in positive ways. They are also requested to follow a normal, non-rebellious lifestyle and to refrain from having ideas against the country to prevent being punished.

The Black Empire does not want any foreigners what so ever in the country because it never trusts anybody but the Gargoyle. The fact that they continue to want a perfect race shows that anyone who does not follow these rules will be vanished, never to be seen again. If you do not meet their requirements you have to find your way of living and getting by without getting caught. The government wants to brainwash the citizens into thinking that they are doing us good, when all they want is to use us.


William Chapman III is the leader of our country. The Black Empire has a totalitarian government. The citizens of the Black Empire will be allowed to pick the leader by voting, but there will only be one name in the ballot (William Chapman III). The government will ensure that it won't become corrupt by setting strict laws in place, rewarding ideal citizens with better living opportunities (nicer houses, more food, different food varieties, etc.) and enforcing the idea of punishment.

William Chapman III has never actually be seen before. The fact that they deceive people into thinking that they have a say in who rules the Black Empire is a prime example of them being evil. William Chapman will always win even when you think there is a slight chance that he will not. Their idea of better living opportunities is actually providing a blanket so that these individuals will not freeze to death on the floor of their cabin looking floor. The punishments given are never spoken of in order to maintain a clean vision of themselves but in reality they torture their people until they can not go on any longer.


The government will do its best to make sure that everyone living in the country is safe and secure. They will do whatever it takes to protect their citizens. The government promises to give freedom, education and the best living conditions for all the people they will have a house and they will never run out of food to eat. The people should follow orders at all time or else they would have to face consequences. They will never question the government.

When they claim that they keep us secure, it is simply their way of saying they keep us trapped with no where else to go. There is absolutely no freedom in this country because we are told what to do on an everyday basis. The laws made are for the citizens to obey which makes it hard to have a mind of your own.


1. All citizens must be in their homes by 10 p.m.

2. All citizens must fulfill the minimum community service requirement of 5 hours per week.

3. All citizens must vote on monthly issues.

4. All citizens that are 18 years of age and older must give a tithe of 10% of their salary per month to the leader.

5. No citizen is allowed to be home from 7 am to 10 pm on Sundays. This time is completely dedicated to worshiping the leader.

6. Rations of food will be reduced for the entire household if any crime should be committed.

7. Should any citizen steal extra rations, they will be hung publicly during the Sunday worship ceremony. This will reinforce security of all citizens, so that no single person will go left unfed.

8. Women are not allowed to drive a vehicle unless they are assisting their husband with a physical disability.

9. If you are persecuted for committing a crime you shall have fair trial and the government will assign you your defense lawyer.

10. Children of seven years and older are required to attend five hours of military training per day.

1. It is easier to watch people only in the daylight so they force everyone to enclose themselves.

2. The government is too lazy to actually provide a clean country so they obligate their citizens to do it for them.

3. The citizens vote, but it makes no difference because whatever William Chapman III says is what will be done.

4. The Black Empire does not want to lose any money because it will show weakness.

5. They take this time to further enforce the Gargoyle's "good" image.

6. The government barely gives the citizens food at all, therefore when a crime is committed people starve to death which is their form of torturing them.

7. The fact that they publicly hang these people proves that they simply want to scare the citizens and get them to do everything that they order.

8. They show how controlling their ways are by making women a minority and concluding that they are not as good as the government or as good as men.

9. The trial will not really be fair considering that they provide the attorney which will most likely already be on their side and have a plan to lose the case and have the citizen be proven guilty.

10. This would eventually make their army stronger and it also gives them the opportunity to impose the government's laws for the kids not to rebel against them.


Public education is offered to all children starting from age four. Parents must pay tuition of $20,000 per year for each child attending school. As for universities and colleges, the child must pay for it on their own. Any adult caught paying for their child’s education after age 18 will be persecuted. Shall anyone deny education, they will be enrolled in military school where they are taught respect and discipline.

The education that they provide is filled with lies about William Chapman III to make him the best leader possible in order for the children to maintain loyal to the Black Empire. By forcing the parents to pay a ridiculous amount of money for an education leads the government to gain money out of the citizens. This makes the economy worse for us and the government's power increase. When a person turns 18, they are forced to pay for their own education which is wrong because most of them have been forced to join the army or simply do not have the money possible. This became just another excuse to terminate more of the country's population and to create a larger army.


Our flag has four rectangles in the form of a checkerboard. The top right side is red, top left is black, the bottom right side is black and the bottom left side is red. The color red represents leadership and superiority and the color black represents top security and protection. Our flag has a white crown in the middle that stands for wealth and purity.

The red of the flag represents the blood of those who have been murdered and tortured by the government while the black represents the evil of the Black Empire. They want no good in the people, they would much rather have people dying than people smiling if the citizens are not perfection.


The Gargoyle is the figurehead of The Black Empire. In Medieval times, the gargoyle was so scary-looking, that it frightened off evil spirits; in present times though, it represents security from anything negative outside of our country.

The Gargoyle's scary figure and position is made to scare us into behaving. When they say it was used to scare off the evil spirits, it actually scared off the happiness of the people and their freedom.

Figurehead: Rometty Lagarde

Characteristics and Abilities

Rometty Lagarde is a strong female leader. Her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes give us a sense of determination and leadership skills needed to stand up against the Black Empire. She always wears black clothing

The Story of Our Leader

She was born in a poor economy and grew up very noble. Our leader knew that everything that everyone believed was filled with lies. She not only knew that one day she would make a difference for our world, but she also wanted to help those who believed our way of living and the rules that were placed were wrong. No one would admit to their rebellious beliefs because they were frightened; everyone pretended that they totally and utterly believed in the system and though that The Gargoyle was meant to rule us for the rest of our lives. Rometty never even mentioned her thoughts to her parents because they were manipulated into believing in the system and knew she would be held captive as soon as she said it out loud. When she became old enough to leave her household, she would eventually become one of the strongest women alive, although she never showed it,deep down Rometty, feared that she would get caught. The day that she found that there were other people who believed in the same things that she did, she began The Evergone because she wanted to prove that the system could be overthrown in order to live in a truly peaceful economy. One day, we will accomplish this no matter how long it takes.


                                                             While we stand

                                                  With a sword in our hand

                                                          We mean no harm

                                            What we desire cannot be bought

                                                         It can only be gained

                                   By a power that's higher than our desires.

                                           We are determined to put a fight;

                                          So that our future becomes bright.

                                                  We will fight til the end;

                                                   Til' our blue flag stands

                                               High and mighty over yours.

Propaganda Posters


Made by:

Laila Carmen Contreras

Paola Arellano