1. How did you make the theme your own?

I took the main idea but I wanted to capture the photo in a different way. I wanted to capture it from a downward perspective looking up to really capture the way light plays from coming from behind the subject, especially the way the light plays through the colored water.

2. What do you like about your photo?

I like the way I staged the photo. The way the light comes from behind the subject gives the image a really unique quality that I love, and I also love that I captured it from underneath looking up. The color and contrast also work really nicely.

3. What would you change?

I wish I could have caught the splash at a bigger moment, but such is life.

4. What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

I ran nice and easy and created a really high pixel high pass and really high saturation and color contrast. I also ran cooling filters to intensify the blues of the picture. After all of that, I ran the color pop action and used that to make the blue even more pronounced. Then I ran define and sharpen to make it super sharp and clear.

The first photo is the edited version, the second is the original.