Life has Standards

By: Savanna Eads

                                                           The Desert,

* The desert  is a very hot place in the morning and afternoon so you would want to wear something light and cool.

* But they do have very powerful winds that will blow sand and other dirt all on you. To Keep some of the sand off of you, Wear loose clothes that are made of cotton.

* But also the desert is very cold at night, so you would want to have like blankets and heavy, hot clothes.

* Make sure you bring lots of water and liquids, the desert is a very dry place.

* camels carried a lot of water in their humps so they were helpful because they didn't need to take water breaks.

                                                             The Mountains

* The mountains had lots of rain so you can make dams for the rain to go in.

* The mountains are tall, and since their tall that means that the weather is cold, so you can wear thick heavy clothes, with lots of blankets.

*The mountains have a lot of steep slopes! So you can use these slopes to farm on, and grow crops.

                                                    The Coastal Plain

* Built dams, wells to irrigate the water so that they could grow the crops.

                                                                    The Oases

*  Some ways that people got their food was by growing fruits, and planting crops.

* Palm leaves were your main source of shade, so you would want to be in a place with lots of palm leaves.

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