The Moon's Importance

Wess Moore
8th hour

The moon is important to our way of life, and it has phases, causes the tides, and has lunar eclipses, and causes solar eclipses.

The moon has 8 phases, caused by the Moon's revolution. As the moon revolves, the light it reflects on Earth that we can see increases or decreases this causes the moon phases. The first phase is the New moon, when you can't see the moon. The next phase is the waxing crescent, when you see a small sliver of the moon. The 3rd phase is the first quarter, when you see half of the moon. Then it is the waxing gibbous, when you see most of the moon. Then it is the full moon, when you see all of the moon. Then it goes backward back to the new moon, and repeats. Other than amazing us here on Earth and causing werewolf transformations, there are no direct effects on Earth.

There are also the tides. There are 4 different kinds of tides. The first kind is the high tide, when the water height is at it's highest, then there is the low tide, the opposite of high tide. These are caused by the moon's gravitational pull on water on Earth. When the sun, moon, and Earth are aligned, a spring tide happens. This is when there is the biggest difference between the high and low tides. When the moon, sun, and Earth form a right angle, a neap tide happens. This is when there is the least difference between the high and low tides. The tides affect us when it comes to sailing and boat stuff in general, and fishing.

There are two general types of eclipses, the first, the solar eclipse, happens when the moon blocks our view of the sun. If you look directly at one you could end up blind, (and I'm half blind as it is!!!). The second type is the lunar eclipse, which is when the moon passes into Earth's shadow, and thanks to leftover colors that passed through our atmosphere, looks red from here on Earth, other than some slightly darker nights and amazement to us, it really has no direct effect.

If somehow the moon disappeared as if it had never existed, life would have some significant differences. There would be just one constant tide, and it would be harder to set sail on ships. There would never be a eclipse, lunar or solar. Finally, the night would be much darker, and there would be no phases.

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